Based on Adult Swim, it event is their latest you to

Based on Adult Swim, it event is their latest you to

“Nothing Weak” forty-eight 306 MC Pee Pants yields away from hell since the an older rapping technology. This time around, the guy sings the new tune “Please come go to me Dawg” in order to draw in vampires from Transylvania to come and you can chew your therefore he not any longer has to perish and you will go back to hell in which Satan will give him another type of ridiculous decide to overtake the newest globe.

This is actually the just twenty two minute event up until now; this has once the started divided into two-fold getting typical transmitted

“Robositter” 44 307 Immediately after Meatwad gets into the new treatments closet if you find yourself not as much as Carl’s supervision, Frylock produces a robot baby-sitter, voiced from the Sarah Silverman, to take care of your.

“Moonlight Learn” fifty 308 The new Mooninites distributed a good age (probably a beneficial parody of the Last Starfighter) so that you can initiate a great pyramid system. This event is rebranded “Mooninites cuatro: The very last Mooning” on the Aqua Teenager Hunger Push, Vol. 4 Digital video disc.

Their roomie from the well is actually Dirtfoot (a variety of bigfoot therefore the Jersey Demon), the new legendary Nj dirt monster who is rumored as gay

“Southern Bronx Parasite Diet plan” 51 310 Meatwad and you can Carl vie observe who will remove many lbs. Carl gains after dining parasite-plagued candy, and you may Meatwad can’t stand a balanced eating plan so the guy goes of to the cakes, and you may Shake begs to be the main wager and that not got their lungs sealed because of the a bored Frylock. So it event try rebranded “Diet” on the Aqua Adolescent Desire for food Push, Vol. cuatro Dvd.

“Dusty Gozongas” 52 309 Shake and you may Carl contend to the affections regarding good ditzy civil slave who moonlights just like the a unique performer (and frequently gets their own services confused). Although paid once the Veronica Billingsley, Dirty Gozongas is voiced because of the Scott Thompson.

“T-Clothing of your Living Dead” 53 311 An old Egyptian t-clothing brings Meatwad unfathomable powers, he generally spends so you’re able to summon Father christmas together with Easter Bunny (together with his twin brother Derryl). Amazingly, Santa’s voice is equivalent to regarding the new Bizarro Santa whom starred in the bedroom Ghost Coast-to-coast episode “Girl Hair.” This event try renamed “T-Clothing of one’s Inactive” into Aqua Teen Food cravings Push, Vol. 4 Dvd.

“Hypno-Germ” 54 312 Move starts hallucinating when a ring off “Hypno-Germs” reside his notice and try to stage an enthusiastic outlandish enjoy in to the his head. Unique Visitors: Bob Odenkirk because Bean Wizard, Eric Wareheim since the Hypno-Germ King, Tim Heidecker just like the Baseball.

“Carl” 55 313 Carl try left to babysit Dewey, Vanessa, and you can Boxy Brownish while the Aqua Youthfulness is actually visiting for the Panama Area, Florida. Mayhem ensues when Carl runs into Frylock’s bot shield, Rudy. Which occurrence is renamed “Spacegate World” to the Aqua Teen Food cravings Push, Vol. 4 Digital video disc, immediately following a column uttered by the Dave Willis in the episode’s tape concept. The brand new class is even integrated while the a plus function toward Digital video disc.

“Boost Mobile” 57 402 Shake becomes a phone sales representative. Here is the very first event you to definitely promotes to possess a bona-fide business brand (Increase Mobile and you can AXE Human anatomy Sprinkle)

“Deleted Moments” 58 403 Shake reveals movies that have been clipped out of his Untitled Grasp Move Opportunity. The fresh event was to start with indexed because “Star studded Christmas Amazing Starring Rhon Geremi,” a reference to adult star Ron Jeremy, just who didn’t appear in the newest occurrence.

“Dickesode” 59 404 A junk foods restaurant’s “Rip-n-Win” competition honours Carl the new “prize” out of vaginal mutilation. The term “dick” is claimed 53 moments. This is pourquoi les femmes BrГ©silien veulent-elles partir actually the very first occurrence to receive a tv-MA get. About credits, everyone’s first name is substituted for “Dick”. (Brand new 10-day hiatus between “Deleted Scenes” and you will “Dickesode” is actually apparently on account of development toward Aqua Teenager motion picture.)