As it happens, mature dating hasn’t exactly got the freshest of reputations

As it happens, mature dating hasn’t exactly got the freshest of reputations

Tired of searching through mature dating sites and being confronted by reams of pages offering you the next “best older dating” experience? All these empty promises can be frustrating. At SilverSingles we value honesty. And the truth is that our mature dating platform is not only the most dynamic going, it’s also head and shoulders above the rest. Sound good? Come and find out why you should sign up with SilverSingles today.

Dynamic mature dating with SilverSingles

At SilverSingles we love smashing misconceptions. People are very quick to judge dating sites that cater to an older clientele for several reasons. This often stems from the belief that mature singles aren’t tech savvy and are incredibly slow to adapt to modern ways – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

And there are countless studies that suggest otherwise. Take for example the Pew Centre’s work on online dating trends. In 2015 the US-based outfit revealed that between 2013 and 2015, the amount of people aged 55-64 using online dating sites increased by 100% . It’s patently obvious that 50+ people are embracing new technologies; Britain’s Office for National Statistics reported in 2016 that 80% of the 55-64 cohort browse the internet, and well over half are active on social media .

In view of the evidence, it’s worth reconsidering what mature dating means. People are very quick to associate maturity with rigidity and an adherence to outdated beliefs. However, being mature is more about pulling on the knowledge you’ve accrued over the years and applying it. We’re very much of the mindset that maturity is synonymous with a forward-thinking mentality, not old-fashioned stereotypes – a point that’s reflected in older singles’ acceptance of online dating!

And SilverSingles positions itself at the very spearhead of this progressiveness. Our platform has been designed for people who want to get out there and explore the mature dating scene online in a secure environment. Continue reading “As it happens, mature dating hasn’t exactly got the freshest of reputations”