Top Tips For Online Dating As A Student

Top Tips For Online Dating As A Student

Online dating is hugely popular within this day and age, whether it’s swiping left or right on people’s tinder profiles, reading their Hinge prompts or even sliding into someone’s Instagram DM’s, there are so many different ways to meet people romantically online.

Regardless if it’s via dating apps or social media, meeting new people and getting yourself into the dating pool is not without its challenges.

Here at Urban Student Life , we’re experts on online dating so we’ve put together this post on top tips for students so you’ll be a dating pro in no time at all!

Top Tips For Online Dating

Online dating has become the norm to meet new people, and the vast majority of singletons will have at least a few dating apps downloaded if they’re looking for a relationship or want to casually date.

Navigating through the online dating world can be difficult and intimidating, especially if you’re not used to it or you’re newly single.

1. Be Honest

When it comes to online dating, the most important thing to remember is to be honest about what you want.

Are you looking for a relationship? Are you looking to meet new people? Or are you unsure about what you want? Any of these answers are okay!

Whilst you don’t need to immediately tell people on dating apps or dating sites what you’re after, you should be honest when the time is right, or when you go on a date.

If you’re not ready to start dating, don’t rush into the process and go on dates for the sake of it or because your friends are telling you to get out there.

2. Choose The Right Platform

There are an abundance of dating apps and websites out there, so it’s a good idea to find the right one for you.

Tinder, Hinge and Bumble tend to be the top 3 online dating apps that people use, but there are plenty of others out there, along with platforms exclusively for members of the LGBT+ community and university students as well as others. Continue reading “Top Tips For Online Dating As A Student”