Ideal Plastic Weightlifting Belt: Rogue Us Nylon Training Strip

Ideal Plastic Weightlifting Belt: Rogue Us Nylon Training Strip


  • Nylon design supports liberty (can also be wear so it while in the WODs)
  • Velcro closing enables quick changes
  • Tons of color and you can trend alternatives
  • Co-created having 5x CrossFit Games champ Mat Fraser
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While we imagine many people are most appropriate having a leather-based energy belt, some people simply like reduced tightness within the a great weightlifting buckle, like those who do useful fitness exercise. Our idea of these someone are definitely the Rogue Us Nylon Training Belt.

Rogue has actually countless more Velcro knowledge belts (we now have put several), although U . s . Plastic Lifting Buckle is an improve up on all the the previous versions with more subtlety, most useful features, and you will cool color alternatives. Aesthetics shouldn’t be brand new choosing factor in to order a good weightlifting gear, but I love to declare that colour choices are nice since the majority devices simply have been in that build.

Which gear is created in union having perhaps the best CrossFit Runner of them all, Pad Fraser (without a doubt that is a place-with Rich Froning; both are home fitness space customers, by-the-way).

As far as i including the United states Plastic Training Belt, I have to state it’s nearly equivalent as the Rogue 5” Plastic Weightlifting Belt. Continue reading “Ideal Plastic Weightlifting Belt: Rogue Us Nylon Training Strip”