Cashlib Online – What Is A Bitcoin Casino? The Best Bitcoin Slots And Where To Play

Cashlib Online – What Is A Bitcoin Casino? The Best Bitcoin Slots And Where To Play

cashlib online

Let’s start with the first charge you make when purchasing the voucher. As expected, when purchasing a voucher in a specific denomination, you’ll need to pay an additional amount that slightly exceeds it. For example, purchasing the €10 voucher means you’ll need to pay the clerk an additional €1. This amount is higher for higher denominations, culminating in a €3 charge for the heftiest vouchers. When you play online, you should be ready for the good and bad sides. In that case, you should consider both sides before you join a CASHlib casino.

This transaction method transfers money from your bank account and deposits the funds into the casino account. The disadvantage of this method is that instant withdrawal is not possible. That means you might wait a bit longer to receive your money. CASHlib casino is a casino that accepts this payment method as one of its payment methods. That implies that on a CASHlib online casino, you will find other payment methods. As mentioned before, Neosurf is also a good alternative for players that want to deposit via vouchers. With over 135,000 selling points worldwide, Neosurf enjoys a wide coverage in over 50 countries. The minimum amount on a voucher is €10 while the maximum is €100. Also, Neosurf has the advantage of allowing you to create an account and request a card that can be used for withdrawals as well.

Otherwise, if you can’t find the logo on the deposit methods list, you will unfortunately need to choose a different method. Since CASHlib is exclusively used for outgoing payments, you can choose to fund your account with your chosen withdrawal banking method. Those looking to try the most innovative options can even go with a cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more. There are numerous reasons why you should select an online casino that accepts Cashlib as a payment method. For example, these online casinos have their own security safeguards, a wide range of games, and a plethora of bonus incentives. Cashlib allows you to acquire a one-of-a-kind 16-digit Cashlib voucher code, which you can then use to fund your games at chosen online casinos. You may be assured of a safer gaming experience with this system. Because you must buy vouchers to support your gameplay, it’s an excellent way to keep track of your spending and stay within your budget. Here are a handful of the top Cashlib casinos we’ve found. Users have some of the obligations because they are expected not to divulge the code to others.

We’ll start by saying that the service takes all inquiries very seriously and the Customer Support Team works hard to resolve any issue you might be facing. That said, getting in touch with the service isn’t as easy as some users might like. There’s only one way to reach out to the solution, and it’s by filling out a contact form on the official CASHlib website. The replies you’ll usually receive are detailed and helpful, but it can take a while before you get them in the first place. Generally, the waiting period for a response is at least 24 hours. We will only recommend the sites with this technology available. Some of you will know that you can help the crypto community when using CASHlib. The main thing here to know is that you can use CASHlib and Bitcoin. What this means is that there are specialized providers out there that will allow you to buy Bitcoin using CASHlib vouchers.

cashlib online

Just choose your preferred amount of prepaid credit for your CASHlib Voucher and select one of our secure online payment methods at checkout. After payment, your CASHlib Card code appears directly onscreen and is delivered to you via email within seconds. Redeem your voucher right away in one of the many participating online stores where it is accepted. For more information or help with redeeming your code you can always reach out to our customer service. They’re happy to help you via email, Facebook Messenger or in the live chat on our site.

Payment Methods Similar to CASHlib

For some players, the lack of taxes is a huge advantage and one that can make a massive difference. Luckily, CASHlib is one of the fastest payment methods when it comes to deposits. The main advantage here is the fact you can get the card and use it to deposit funds to your casino within minutes. As soon as you are done with the code on the card, you can see that the funds are already in your casino account. Now, all you have to do is to gamble using the funds, period. Keep in mind that some players will get multiple cards, and they will use just one. The next time when they need to deposit, they will have a ready card. Unfortunately, so far, the CASHlib online voucher service has only been optimized for online payments and deposits. If you are on a CASHlib casino site, you will find plenty of other payment options that appeal to a wide range of gambling audiences.

  • That way, you will know what to expect and position yourself for more exciting offers.
  • The casino here is a small site but offers a lot of different games.
  • The maximum deposit could be up to €1,000 since combining 4 vouchers per day is possible.
  • Also, Neosurf has the advantage of allowing you to create an account and request a card that can be used for withdrawals as well.
  • To do so, head to a retailer that supports the service and snag a card.
  • The bonus promotions range from special welcome offers at select casinos to other exclusive rewards such as cash insurance and other rewards.

To use CASHlib, players can use the payment method’s store locator to identify a land-based merchant where it is possible to exchange physical cash for virtual currency. The merchant will then provide a unique 16-digit code that can later be submitted with a CASHlib-partnered online gambling operator to unlock the funds online. Since the major downside of CASHlib is the lack of support for withdrawals, casino players need to look for alternatives if they want to be able to get their winnings back. French players can request a withdrawal via bank account, the ones in Belgium can rely on Skrill for fast withdrawals, while Germany has Sofort / Klarna. However, if you are looking for a withdrawal option that can work in all these jurisdictions, Neosurf is an awesome solution as you can combine CASHlib with a Neosurf account. Neosurf started as a pre-paid voucher as well, however, it now offers the possibility of creating an online account that allows players to request withdrawals as well. There are plenty of retailers offering the coupons and most of them are located in Paris. Of course, you can also get CASHlib online in France through Dundle or Becharge. When you buy from Dundle, you can pay via PayPal, VISA, Skrill, iDEAL, Apple Pay, or cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Becharge is offered in French and allows you to pay via Carte Blue, VISA, MasterCard, or Vpay.

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There are a lot of casinos of this kind, and telling you which one is the best can be tricky. We believe that Wins Park Casino is the best one out there. This site is loaded with games, has impressive offers, and has an impressive user interface. You can have a lot of fun here, and you can play all the casino games you like and find interesting. The second thing is that all of these casinos offer bonuses. Most of them will give you a welcome deposit bonus, free spins, and more. Some casinos have extremely long promotion pages with countless bonuses presented to the players. The best part here is that this game comes with the ability to master it in time.

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Cashlib belongs to EMP SERVICES SA, which is a company from Luxembourg. The parent company is Sureswipe EMI PLC, an e-money institution that operates with a license by the Central Bank of Cyprus under the Electronic Money Law of 2012. Using a CASHlib voucher to deposit to CASHlib bookies is legal. Before deciding what casino you want to join, you should consider its license and reputation.

An average casino should have at least 2000 games, but most of them have over 4000. Transfer speeds are impressive these days, and this is one of the main advantages. We like the ability to deposit funds and play within 2 minutes. Waiting until the funds become available in the account is not something modern players like not actually need. This is the main advantage of the payment method and the one that makes cashlib online a lot of difference. It is especially appealing if you want to pay for something, but you are not certain you should share your card details. All of this means that there won’t be any traces that you have used or gambled at that casino. You can gamble, and nobody will know what you are doing., At the same time, this means that your data is safe and sound, and you don’t have to use it when gambling online.

You can buy them with different values at many outlets or even online by using your credit card or bank card. Once you have the voucher, log on to your player account and visit the page for the deposits. Select the voucher as the payment, enter the 16-digit number from the voucher and the value and confirm the payment. Use the CASHlib code just like a prepaid credit card anywhere this payment provider is accepted. When paying at a participating merchant website, CASHlib will provide you with an online validation of the code to confirm your payment. Combine multiple CASHlib Vouchers to top up your spending to a maximum amount of €1000. You can simply spend the remaining credit another time, as long as it’s within 6 months after the purchase. So no need to apply for a credit card, no extra costs, and no waiting time. Combine multiple CASHlib Vouchers to top up your spend to a maximum amount of €1000.

Depositing money in an online casino with CASHlib

However, each gambler has a favorite casino game, and they have a right to find that good game. The best way to find the best games is to settle the best online casino software. Well-known software developers will always provide stable and exciting games. Also, this is a feature that defines the best live casinos. Remember, CASHlib is a payment method only available in Europe.


It’s readily available to purchase from retail shops and kiosks in France and the Netherlands. Online availability makes it even simpler to obtain a voucher and PIN to be used to buy goods or services and, most importantly, fund your casino account. Owned by EmpCorp, which is regulated by CSSF as an Electronic Money Agent (EMA), this is one of several solutions provided by the company. Only you can spend your CASHlib voucher code online and you must not transfer or assign (as a gift or otherwise) the voucher code to any third party.

Does my CASHlib Voucher expire?

We offer instant delivery of all codes for video game, App, music,movies, TV, and others.. When considering CASHlib, players will be pleased to see the number of casino partners accepting these vouchers. Since you have prepaid the value, it can be a great way to budget and pace spending. Yes, users can choose to contact the customer support team via an online contact form or to seek out the answer themselves from the extensive FAQ list. Online industries owe much credit regarding their existence and progress to the top banking and financial institutions which enabled wireless payment processing. Any reliable CASHlib casino should pay instantly, especially for small amounts.

Evaluate the casino’s license and ensure that it is verifiable and active. Aside from that, you should confirm that the casino has a top-notch reputation among players online. Those voucher holders that would like to get some additional assistance or information can address the support agents at the company directly. Bitrefill’s Cash Lib gift card lets you use Cash Lib to pay for things online with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

We’ve highlighted a few of the options you can check below. These options are great and are available at most casinos that accept CASHlib. Although CASHlib has become a top option for online casino players, you can always explore other options. In this case, we want to pit CASHlib against a similar payment method, Paysafecard.