The fresh new interview happens well until the immigration administrator goes to search getting residents who learn about Family and Dominika’s relationship

The fresh new interview happens well until the immigration administrator goes to search getting residents who learn about Family and Dominika’s relationship

At that point, Dominika begs with the immigration officer telling your not to carry out almost anything to House and you can, while the relationships is actually bogus, she has grown up to enjoy him

House transforms the fresh blade towards Cuddy of the asking her to approve including Dominika so you’re able to their insurance rates so she will get some dental care performs over before wedding. Cuddy was unwilling, however, Dominika ingratiates herself by offering Cuddy a keen sweet almond kulich. Cuddy signs the latest variations, reminding House if for example the marriage cannot proceed through they are just the full time insurance con.

Shortly after Cuddy, during the Wilson’s urging, rejects Domestic using the new chapel into ceremony, he reschedules features brand new ceremony in the 221B Baker Highway with Pursue officiating.

From the next event, Brand new Spanska kvinnor Look, it is obvious you to definitely Household and Dominika is actually absolve to wade regarding their lives instead disturbance on other. Household getaways the headlines out of their marriage towards newly freed Remy Hadley and you will explains one Dominika actually joining them on their stop by at Schenectady because the she actually is visited Atlantic City along with her boyfriend.

Dominika is not seen for the rest of 12 months 7, and if Household flees the fresh new state just after crashing his Dynasty towards Cuddy’s Family, it appears to be they will not pick both again. She cannot try to contact him as he is within jail, and he in addition to makes no you will need to get in touch with her otherwise individuals otherwise the guy understands.

Throughout Home’s incarceration, Dominika relocated to Atlantic Town making an excellent life style function up a store around the local casino strip where she setup a beneficial Ukrainian restaurants truck.

In the Year 8, both Dominika and you can Family are receiving letters regarding the Immigration and you will Naturalization Provider requiring info regarding their relationship. During the People of the property, the new “old golf ball and you may Ukraine” comes to the hospital to inquire of House to carry on the latest deceit thus she are not deported. She informs your this woman is become employed in Atlantic Urban area giving base rubs in order to worn out bettors. House is maybe not driven and you may, provided engaging in a fake matrimony is a citation away from his parole, is actually unwilling to remain. Dominika brings their intelligence of the telling your it will be easy for an intelligent people such him so you can fool only bureaucrat, however, Family would not fall for the newest flattery. Dominika finally seals the deal through him “an offer the guy can not refuse” – $31,000 after her citizenship is approved.

not, both realize they understand nothing on each other. With assistance from the group, really serious instruction because of the Chi Playground and reasonable pointers from Wilson on the just how married couples merely have no idea the dull details of their existence, Domestic learns adequate on the Dominika to try to fool immigration.

After the ceremony, Dominika helps it be clear to house one she actually is prepared to have sex with your, but alternatively Household reasons themselves to go to sleep

Yet not, Household provides anticipated so it and has trained Wilson to hang doing so the immigration manager commonly correspond with him. Yet not, certainly one of House’s actual natives discovers Wilson exterior his doorway and you can lets they sneak one to Wilson try a friend out of House. This new immigration manager gets angry and you can informs House and you will Dominika to get in his place of work next day.

Shortly after playing Home’s lawyer, new immigration officer informs Dominika she’ll feel deported and you will House’s deceit would-be stated so you’re able to their parole manager. Domestic, to the their lawyer’s advice, stays silent. The latest immigration administrator does not believe Dominika, but finds out a judge you are going to and tells them he’s one past opportunity – they are making put inspections having 6 months to ensure he is life to each other.