Among the essential points regarding profile on spouses is the grade of wudd

Among the essential points regarding profile on spouses is the grade of wudd

The new Prophet (comfort and you may blessings become up on your) said, “Get married the fresh enjoying/friendly, the baby-hit woman, for I’ll outstrip one other regions along with your numbers into a single day regarding View.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, while others and classed since Sahih)

3- Child-Bearing

Once we find in the aforementioned-mentioned hadith, the brand new Prophet (serenity and blessings end up being upon him) recommended dudes to get married women that is actually child-affect.

Which attribute resembles some of the goals and you will motives out-of marriage that were mentioned earlier for example procreating the brand new Muslim Ummah, raising a pious family relations because a foundation from society thereby forward.

4- Virginity

“Wed virgins to own they have sweeter lips, more lucrative wombs, and are also contented with little to no it score.” (At-Tabarani and it is Hasan)

Almost every other narrations imply that an excellent virgin is more likely to be pleased because of the a guy and less more likely devious and you will deceiving.

Immediately following, whenever Jabir partnered an adult and you may in past times hitched lady, the fresh new Prophet (comfort and blessings become through to him) thought to your, “Then an effective virgin? You could have used their own and you may she along with you.”

Muslim students worry this particular a great trait relates to guy simply since it pertains to woman. `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (get Allah be happy with your) once been aware of a woman who was simply hitched to an older guy in which he told you: “O some body, worry Allah and you will let anyone get married the systems.”

5- Beauty

It attribute enjoys a particular role to tackle given that certainly the newest purposes of relationships should be to continue one another spouses out-of sins.

While this is something that absolutely grows through the years, very first impressions is in many cases end up being a barrier to help you good profitable relationships.

New Prophet (serenity and you will blessings getting Du kan prГёve dette on him) ous matter of Khul and her said need is actually he is acutely displeasing in order to their particular.

There are various hadiths and that need the target companion to get a go through the almost every other ahead of doing the wedding.

Immediately following a companion advised the newest Prophet (serenity and blessings become up on him) that he would definitely wed. The Prophet (comfort and blessings become on him) questioned if the he had viewed their unique. If guy responded inside the bad, the guy (serenity and you will blessings be on your) told you, “Go and look at their particular because of it is much more likely to breed like between them of you.” (Ahmad while some and is Sahih)

“The newest woman should select a guy that is religious, of great reputation, substantial and of generous money. She cannot wed a keen evildoer. A person cannot wed their young daughter in order to an old or an unattractive man, but the guy is always to get married her to 1 comparable.”

Charm has its own part, however, remember that it is way-down into the top priority number around piety, reputation and you may religion. Whenever a guy sets charm most of all, the consequences would be devastating.

Elaborating on which you should look out for in a partner, this new late Sheikh Sayyed Advertisement-Darsh, the latest late President of your own United kingdom Shari`ah Council, adds:

The age difference between potential partners really should not be too great. It is not reasonable to provide an early girl so you’re able to a people who is twenty or 30 years her elder.

A grey-haired guy once approved by a young black-haired girl in which he proposed to their. She checked out him and you will told you, ‘I take on, but there is a great snag.’ The guy enquired what it is, that she answered, ‘I’ve particular grey tresses.’ The guy passed on instead a word. She entitled out. ‘My buddy, look at my personal locks!’ She got tresses just like the black since coal. The guy believed to their, ‘As to the reasons did you say that?’ She answered, ‘To inform you we do not like in guys the things they’re doing nothing like in women.’